I know you are all thinking I’m crazy for posting about holiday cards before we even get through Halloween. I guess you can say that I like to get an early start. Mostly because I don’t want to sit there and address all the envelopes, lick ‘em closed, and stick the stamp on them. It usually takes me a couple weeks to do.
This year I have decided to go through Shutterfly to order my Holiday cards, this is my first time ever ordering through them. Year after year I receive beautiful holiday cards from friends and family that have made their cards with Shutterfly. So, I figured why not give them a try? So, I was looking through the beautiful selections of cards and I had such a hard time choosing so here are my top three favorites for this season. I Think I will get the family all dressed and have a friend take a nice family picture and order our cards to send out to our friends and family this year. Click Here for Holiday Cards selection.

Here is what I think might be my favorite three:

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